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Greenbone and Khipu Networks team up to provide vulnerability management services to users of Jisc's Janet network - 18 million users of the Janet network can now benefit from Greenbone’s proactive cyber security solution

London, April 27th 2016. Greenbone, a leading provider of vulnerability management solutions, and Khipu Networks have today announced they have teamed up to become the official providers of vulnerability management solutions to UK education and research [full press release]


Greenbone welcomes new partner Khipu Networks - Khipu Networks becomes Greenbone's first 'Excellent Partner' in the UK

London, April 13th 2016. Greenbone, a leading provider of vulnerability management solutions, has today announced a new partnership with Khipu Networks. Khipu joins the Greenbone "4 in 1" partner programme, which offers four different partner levels, and one distributor level.

Khipu Networks is an award winning next-generation networking and cyber security provider, delivering a wide range of network, wifi and security solutions, technologies and services. As a Greenbone 'Excellent Partner', Khipu Networks will now offer Greenbone's vulnerability management solutions, having [full press release]


Greenbone provides alternative to McAfee web application scanner following End of Life

London, March 22nd 2016. Greenbone, a leading provider of vulnerability management solutions, has today announced the UK availability of an alternative to the McAfee Vulnerability Manager web application scanner, which reached its official End of Sale in January 2016*.

Available immediately, the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) is a feature-rich alternative to the McAfee Vulnerability Manager. Greenbone will also provide [full press release]


Vulnerability Management Provider, Greenbone Networks, enters UK Market

London, March 17th 2016. Greenbone, a leading provider of vulnerability management solutions, is entering the UK market. Greenbone's security solutions are immediately available to UK organisations from the global channel partner, Exclusive Networks.

Greenbone Networks, which is headquartered in Osnabrueck, Germany, has experienced significant recent growth and Lukas Grunwald, CTO of Greenbone Networks, sees high potential from the UK market: "Cybercrime levels are [full press release]


Greenbone Supplies German Federal Government with Security Technology

Vulnerability Scanner Detects Security Flaws in IT Environments and Supervises Integrity of All Installed Systems.

Osnabrück, Germany - November 9th, 2011 - Greenbone Networks, experts in vulnerability assessment, today announced that the company was granted federal licensing rights. This agreement means that ... [full press release]

Greenbone Security Manager Integrates with Sourcefire 3D System to Enhance Threat Analysis with Vulnerability Scan Data

Osnabrück, Germany - June 8th, 2011 - Greenbone Networks, a specialist in vulnerability analysis, today announced it is providing IT security administrators with a simple, fast and user friendly way to enhance the threat impact analysis and protection capabilities of their Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS). As a member of the Sourcefire® Technology Partner Program (STP), Greenbone has integrated an interface for its vulnerability scanner in order to forward scan results directly to the Sourcefire Defense Center®, a solution for central management of Sourcefire 3D® Sensors.

The open source-based Greenbone Security Manager provides rich vulnerability data to IT administrators to optimize their Sourcefire IDS/IPS and improve ... [full press release]

Greenbone Networks and Prometheus Global form a global partnership to Design, Develop and Market the Greenbone Security Solutions to the North American market

Osnabrück, Germany and Chantilly, Virginia - October 18, 2010 - Greenbone Networks GmbH, the leading provider of open source vulnerability management solutions, and Prometheus Global, Inc., today announced the availability of Greenbone Security Solutions in North America.

As Greenbone Networks first OEM partner in North America, Prometheus Global will bring the expertise ... [full press release]


Greenbone Logo

Greenbone logo with writing "Greenbone". For further styles see the styleguide.

50 KByte, PNG raster format


Info: IT Security in Germany: Numbers and Facts (German)

Gefahr, Täter, Motive, Wege, Ziele, Kosten, Risiken und Chancen

170 KByte, PDF
(Also as PNG)


Greenbone Styleguide

Styleguide of Greenbone Networks GmbH

Status: May 2014
Pages: 9
Language: German
Format: PDF
Size: 700 KByte

Greenbone Logo Collection

Greenbone Logos in various sizes: plain, with "Greenbone", as bar

Status: May 2014
Format: ZIP archive with PNG and PDF
Size: 300 KByte

Greenbone Font

Greenbone Font for print and web

Status: May 2014
Styles: 18
Format: ZIP archive with OTF/TTF/SVG
Size: 3.1 MByte


Greenbone Security Manager 6400

2U 19'' Appliance

1.2 MByte, 2000 x 600 px

Greenbone Security Manager 600 / 650

1U 19'' Appliance

600 KByte, 2562 x 663 px

Greenbone Security Manager 600 / 650

Picture collection as ZIP archive for the 1U 19'' Appliance

36 MByte, 9 pictures, high resolution

Greenbone Security Manager 500 / 510 / 550

1U 19'' Appliance

300 KByte, 1280 x 400 px

Greenbone Security Manager 100

Compact Appliance

510 KByte, 1686 x 367 px

Greenbone Security Manager 25

Compact Appliance

510 KByte, 1686 x 367 px

Greenbone Security Manager ONE

Virtual Appliance

450 KByte, 2000 x 600 px

Jan-Oliver Wagner, CEO

1.7 MByte, 1500 x 2102 px


Comic: Admin and the Beast

1 MByte, 2000 x 3528 px

Comic: Good news

300 KByte, 2000 x 2086 px

Comic: Good news

300 KByte, 2000 x 1707 px

Comic: Manager

200 KByte, 1077 x 2000 px

Comic: Well done

550 KByte, 2000 x 2163 px

Comic: The Admin

300 KByte, 667 x 2000 px

Comic: Relaxed Admin

200 KByte, 787 x 2000 px

Comic: The Beast

450 KByte, 1285 x 2000 px

Comic: Beast on the scent

400 KByte, 2000 x 1203 px

Comic: How the beast works

300 KByte, 1347 x 2000 px

Comic: Cyberwar

300 KByte, 1615 x 2000 px

Comic: Cybercrime

300 KByte, 1521 x 2000 px

Comic: Cyberkid

300 KByte, 1422 x 2000 px

Comic: No worms here!

400 KByte, 1885 x 2000 px

Comic (Sticker): No Chance for Worms here!

150 KByte, 600 x 667 px

Made in Germany

40 KByte, 300 x 300 px

Comic: Check this out!

300 KByte, 1326 x 2000 px

Comic: Wasn't that easy!

300 KByte, 1778 x 2000 px


GSM web interface:
Overview on current scan tasks.

190 KByte, 951 x 957 px

GSM with Greenbone OS 3.1:
Screenshot Collection

zip archive file with 29 screenhots, 3.7 MByte

GSM with Greenbone OS 3.0:
Screenshot Collection

zip archive file with 13 screenhots, 1.7 MByte

Greenbone Security Explorer (GSE):

Example for a map-based analysis of a scan report. The GSE is created via a report format plugin with GSM 1.4 or newer.

240 KByte, 1003 x 503 px