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Greenbone Teams

Management Team

Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner


Transparent and comprehensible processes and software solutions have proven to rule out those approaches based on obscurity and black boxes. I have followed this in my scientific career and successfully applied these base concepts for numerous customers in the past decade.

With founding a company exclusively dedicated to managing commercial Free Software projects for our customers already in 1999, I gained comprehensive experience in setting up and operating successful structures. Structures of which only half is IT technologies. Of equal importance is to form well-concerted teams.

I co-authored a number of Free Software products, several of them in the area of IT security. In the past years these activities increasingly centered on network security and then were transformed into the foundation for the Greenbone business concept and products.

Lukas Grunwald


Let's make this world a little bit better place to live in. Before you can secure it, you have to understand how it works and how to break it. Then, the best security solution can be delivered based on experience and knowledge. No matter what language you speak, what culture you live in, the problems are always the same, and I have seen most of the IT security challenges at large.

I have first-hand experience as an entrepreneur in Europe, USA and Asia and am now helping build Greenbone to position the company as a world-class provider of network security scanning solutions. I co-authored various security auditing tools and made them available as free software published under GPL.

I draw on 15 years of experience in IT security, specializing in the security of wireless / wired data and communications networks, forensic analysis, auditing and active networking. I'm often featured in industry publications, such as Wired and RFID Journal and also participate actively in conferences such as Hackers at Large, Hacking in Progress, Network World, Internet World, Linux World (USA/Europe), Linux Day Luxembourg, Linux Tag, CeBIT and Blackhat Briefings.