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Greenbone Security Explorer

The Greenbone Security Explorer (GSE) is a interactive, map-based and independent web application for the analysis of scan reports.

GSE is created for any report via a respective Report Format plugin. This plugin feature is supported from Greenbone Security Manager version 1.4 on.

Greenbone Security Explorer

Content: Threat categories for geo-referenced target systems
Background map: Google Streets or OpenStreetMap
Technology: JavaScript
Tested compatibility: Firefox 3.6, IE 8

Screenshot GSE (ca. 240 KByte)
Start GSE with sample scan report (ca. 800 KByte)

Features of Greenbone Security Explorer:

  • Color-coding of all vulnerable systems on a map.
  • Overview statitics for taget systems lacking a location information.
  • Simple built-in map for offline use.
  • Change of background map at any time: Google Streets or OpenStreetMap. Zoom is possible down to the level of single buildings.
  • Zoom to location of Greenbone Security Managers (GSM).
  • Zoom to all located vulnerable systems.
  • Mouse-over context information on threat statistics.
  • Context zoom to location of each single target system.
  • Base informationen about report (task, time range of scan).
  • Offline capable: No loading of any data necessary. GSE is completely independent of the GSM or any other server. Only in case a map service is selected GSE will access a remote server. Please try this with the above demo.

Typically the geographic location of target systems can not be retrieved automatically because most of the systems are nore publicly accessible. The locations are invidually configured for the plugin.