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The Greenbone Security Manager product line is based on high quality hardware constructions.

  • Purpose build for security applications

  • Unified components

  • High durability

  • WEEE ID (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment): DE 42580599

  • Certifications: CE, FCC Class A


The lifecycle of our GSM hardware is designed for at least 5 years from start of sale to end of spare part availability.

In case a hardware defect occurs for a customer with an active subscription and due to expired spare part availability no repair of the unit is possible, then a device of a newer generation of the same class is offered as a replacement free of charge.

For this case Greenbone guarantees a migration to the new generation and offers a respective upgrade path.

Should all supported Greenbone OS releases require higher demands for the hardware, Greenbone will offer customers with an active subscription a device of a newer generation of the same class as a replacement free of charge.

Destruction of defect data storage medium

In case of a defect of a data storage medium (harddisk, SSD, USB stick) the destruction is strictly foreseen to be performed certified and in Germany.

This especially means that Greenbone does not make use of warranties of the device vendors as this implies to submit the defect medium to the vendor. No guarantees for a certified destruction in Germany are given by most vendors.

Also, Greenbone makes it not mandatory for customers to submit a defect data storage medium in order to receive a replacement. Customers may decide to destroy the medium on their own and will regardless of this receive a replacement.